#2 Alkaline/Acid Explained

I have embedded a short video (thanks to Mail Chimp) that explains what is the best manner of eating a balance of alkaline/acid foods.  It should not be complicated.  As I always stress, moderation is the key.  There are many other alkaline/acid charts you can download from the internet, but I believe this short video will make it easier to incorporate a balance in your eating.


At the end of the video is an advertisement to buy their products.  I could not delete that part, but I thought the video was worth sending.  I DO NOT ENDORSE any of the products advertised.


For a more complete explanation of Alkaline/Acid balance, I cover it more thoroughly in my book.


Next week I will be addressing our most important nutrient. Do you know what that is?  Tune in for next week’s addition of “Lu’s Views.”



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