#6 Bottled Water Scandal

I have given you information about the contaminates in our faucet water and now I am probably going to expose another lie we are swallowing that bottle water is safer and better than the water we are getting from our faucets or drinking fountains.

Remember when the drinking fountain was our free source of H2O?  If we were thirsty and out and about, we would quench our thirst by drinking from a public drinking fountain in the park or the fountain in the shopping mall or in the halls of our schools?  The only warning my mom gave me, was to let the fountain run for a minute, and do not put your mouth on the water spigot.  Those fountains have all but disappeared and very few people avail themselves of these fountains.

In the early 1900’s bottled water was marketed at health springs who touted their water as having “magical” healing benefits.  In the 1970’s a study came out from the Environmental Protection Agency identifying a number of chemicals in our municipal water supplies which were unhealthy.  The study was set up to define guidelines for the Safe Drinking Water Act, which had recently been created. Little bottled water was sold, mostly sparkling mineral water and large bottles to supply office water coolers.

In the 1980’s personal bottled water started showing up.  At that time many people’s reaction was “who would be foolish enough to pay for water?”

Well in the 1990’s the craze took off. At that time did anyone ever think that the bottled water industry would grow to become a 100-billion-dollar industry? That people would be paying 10,000 times more per gallon for bottled water than for tap water?  That a huge industry would be built around just one product – bottled water?  Have you looked around lately, what do you see, the student on his way to school with his backpack and a plastic bottle of water; someone on their way to work with his computer and a bottle of water; a business meeting with everyone nursing a plastic bottle of water; or vending machines everywhere selling plastic bottles of water.  And these are just the tip of the plastic water bottle faze.

So how do you convince consumers to buy something that is essentially the same as (will discuss this later) and far cheaper and more easily accessible? You spend billions of dollars to promote perceived advantages of your product and you emphasize the flaws in the alternative. For water bottlers this means selling safety, style, and convenience, and playing on consumer’s fears.  If we have been made to fear our tap water, sales skyrocket!

In my newsletter next week I will discuss the advantages (and there are some) and disadvantages of drinking bottled water, and eventually the alternative to the best kind of water to drink.

A short video follows pointing out one of the major problems with this huge bottled water industry.



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