#7 Bottled Water – A Blessing or A Curse

Many may argue that bottled water is a blessing because of the convenience of having water so readily available.  And after all, didn’t I tell you how important it is to hydrate?

Some articles I have read say we are replacing drinking high sugared drinks with drinking water. This is evident with all the high profile soda companies, i.e., coke, pepsi, etc., are now the leading produces of bottled water.  Did they see the writing on the wall, money to be made, or were they trying to replace so called lost income from people drinking more water than soda.  Soda and sport drink consumption is still high in this country, so I think it was the potential profit they saw in going into the water business. Just think of the higher profit that is being made with the bottled water industry.

Bottled water does have its place.  It is convenient, as I stated last week, it is readily available.  In emergency situations, i.e. hurricanes, contamination of public drinking water, like Flint Michigan, traveling to countries where it is advised not to drink the water, these are times we are very happy to have bottled water.

But our love affair with drinking bottled water has not come about accidentally. The first thing you need to do is convince people that drinking tap water is unhealthy and use fear advertising. “Tap water and toilet water come from the same source.” As you saw in last week’s video, we are easily brain washed into thinking bottled water is glamorous.

On the other hand, the following points show how bottled water can be a curse, both the plastic bottle and the water used.

  • 8% of the bottled water we buy is actually just repackaged tap water.
  • Ground water mining is a serious problem. Bottled water companies pump millions of gallons of water out the the ground. That means that there is less water for people to use. They are making a profit from this depletion of water.
  • California is a good example of this. Bottled water companies are pumping water from municipal water supplies where there is a serious drought. Not only are the people of California being harmed, but the farmer who is having to conserve water when watering his crops.
  • Voss water, one of the most expensive bottled waters we can buy, has come under question as to their source. A Norwegian TV station has insinuated that the Voss water when tested is identical to a municipal water supply.  One thing going for Voss, is their glass bottles, if they are reused or recycled.
  • Plastic bottles are responsible for one of the ocean’s most pressing environmental problems.
  • Only 1 out of 6 plastic bottles are recycled – 5 end up in land fills or the ocean.
  • Pollution caused in the production of plastic bottles and the use of crude oil in the plastic.
  • PET plastic used in bottled water is not completely safe.

Next week I will talk about how to break the habit of buying bottled water. Just think of the

Money you could save.

Watch this short video.




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