#8 Choosing A Water Filter

Choosing A Water Filter

                        There are so many different water filtration systems on the market how do you choose? I will list the different filters I have researched and give you some ideas.

Water Filtration Types. There are hundreds of brands of home water filtration systems. Some filters use a combination of technologies, while others rely on just one kind.

            Choose the filter that will suit your family and your budget. But be sure to get a filter system that has at least a four stage filtering system. Anything less is not worth the price.

Faucet Mounted. These attach directly to your water faucet. Relatively inexpensive, but does not accomplish what you want in purified water.

Pitcher Dispensers. Pitchers or large dispensers with activated or solid carbon filters. There are many, many different kinds available. Do not go for the cheap single/double system. Brita filters do not remove the toxins you need removed. Again, look at least a four stage filter.

On-Counter. On counter typically sit on the counter, sometimes with a line connecting directly to the faucet.

Under sink. Under sink filters are mounted under the kitchen sink where they are fitted to the water supply line. They range in filtration from carbon charcoal to reverse osmosis.

Whole House Filters. These filters are attached to the main water line coming into the house. This is ideal, as it not only filters your drinking water, but the water you use to shower in. Our skin absorbs more toxins than any other organ. It also provides you filtered water to brush your teeth and cook with. These are very expensive, but well worth having.

            You need to do the research and decide which type you want and how much you are willing to pay. This is an expense that will pay off in the end.

Watch out for words like “filter”, “reduce”, and “taste better”, they are vague and really do not mean anything. You need a filtering system that is classified as a “water purification” system. You need a system that states it removes chlorine, fluoride, lead, mercury, etc.

As for my personal opinion. At this time, I use a four stage pitcher filter. We live in a condo and it is only my husband and I. So at this stage in our lives, this is a good choice.

When we had a big house with all my children living at home, I did have a whole house filtering system. I loved it and thought it was well worth the expense.

There are a couple filters I do not recommend, but everyone has their own opinion. Reverse osmosis removes the contaminates, but in doing so they use a tremendous amount of water, which I think is counterproductive in the wasted water.

Distillation of your water. I do not recommend this water. You may get purified water, but also devoid of all the natural minerals your body needs. Let me remind you, you do need to add some sort of additional minerals to your water, so that you are hydrating your body, not just watering it down with dead water.

Alkaline/Acid systems. I am very much in favor of keeping an alkaline/acid environment in your body. This is one of my favorite subjects. But drinking this kind of water, especially

With a meal with disrupt your digestion because we need the acid in our stomachs to properly digest our food.

Also, the cheaper systems have smaller filters and they have to be changed very frequently which drives the cost up.

My closing remarks are that you have to have some find of water purification system. There is no question about it. Let me ask you, how much is the health of you and your family really worth?

Next week I have a surprise for you that I am really excited about!



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