#9 My New Book

Issue #9 May 30, 2016


My New Book!

Brain Power

Simple Steps to Protect Children’s

Intelligence From a Toxic Environment

Finally completed through much trial and error I was able to complete my book and have it in my hands today! Thanks to all the help at Createspace I am truly a “self published author.”

I was compelled to write this book out of my concern as to what is happening to our children today living in a toxic environment. It is up to us as parents and grandparents to provide the best we are capable of for our children and grandchildren.

Why Brain Power? Creative thought depends upon a well nourished brain. Unfortunately, we are being bombarded with toxic chemicals from all fronts. I wanted to help make parents aware that there are steps that can be taken to combat these attacks and have our kids be all they can be.

In Brain Power I lay out the road blocks that are keeping our children from reaching their full potential and I discuss in detail our children’s vulnerability to toxic chemicals and discuss research that shows how chronic

Disease in children is raising at an alarming rate. Research shows that diseases such as cancer, asthma, leukemia are at an alarming increase. Dyslexia, autism, ADHA and other neurological diseases are becoming so prevalent that we are becoming hardened to what we see happening around us!

Brain Power also exposes the hidden toxins in our food and water supply, the hidden toxins in our homes and how changes in farming has depleted the nutrients from our food supply.

I don’t leave you hanging. Brain Power takes you through simple steps on how you and your family can overcome the negative effects of living in a toxic world.

Parents, grandparents, we are responsible for our children’s well being. They have no choice. They do what we as parents provide for them. Grandparents buy this book and give it as a gift to the parents of your grandchildren.

WAKE UP America, this is not happening in some third world country, Monsanto and others like them are using us as a giant biochemical experiment. The rest of Europe is laughing at us. Many countries will not import anything that is GMO, they have banned fluoride, they are looking at us not as leaders any more, but in many ways foolish.

You can buy my books at www.lucrews.com or email at www.ahealthyyou15@gmail, if you are local. They are only $10, but contain a lot of very valuable information.

If you are new to Lu’s Views, you can go to my Blog and see all my back issues. I highly recommend you do that. I have provided some very valuable information, especially on water. My Blog is www.ahealthyyousite.wordpress.com

Bless you and bless all those who have, and who are protecting us as a nation, so that we may sleep peacefully. God Bless America on this Memorial Day.

Next week I will be discussing another “hot” item in the news today.


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