#10 An Alert! The Contaminates In Our Water

June 2, 2015

An Alert! The Contaminates In Our Water

            I am writing this special report. I can not seem to get away from writing about the need to have a water filtration system. As I stated in previous newsletters, water is our most important nutrient, we die without it. We are all effected by the contaminants, particularly in our water, we are exposed to daily.

What prompted me to write this newsletter was an article in our local newspaper, The Florida Today. Most of you are from different areas, but this effects all of us no matter what city you live in. The title of the story on page 3A was “System Exceeds Limit on Byproducts.” “Brevard County’s largest water supplier recently violated federal drinking water standards for a group of byproducts of disinfection linked to increased lifetime cancer risk.”

The contamination is formed by a combination of chlorine (which is a health hazard in and of itself, see my Issue #5 of Lu’s Views) and disinfection byproducts. Disinfection byproducts form when chlorine reacts when rotting leaves, algae or other organic matter are present in our water. This byproduct is called triholomethanes or TTHMs.

The article also noted that the amount of TTHMs in our water supply averages about 83.6 parts per billion.  This sounds like a very incidental amount to be worried. The article also noted that the TTHMs exceeded 95.9 parts/billion a couple of months ago.

Why should we be concerned? In 1998 the legal limit was set at 80 parts/billion. This seems to have been an arbitrary number. Just look at the research that has been done since that time.

In 2011 a French research team found that men exposed to more than 50 p/b had significantly increased bladder cancer.

In 2010 a study by the National Cancer Institute found that a quarter of the human population may have a genetic susceptibility that raises its risk of bladder cancer from trihalomethanes.

In 2007 a scientific team in Spain associated exposure to trihalomethanes greater than 35 p/b with increased bladder risks. Also in 2007 researchers reported that people faced twice the odds of dying from bladder cancer if they drank water with trihalomethanes contamination greater than 21 p/b.

The EPA regulates just nine pollutants generated by chlorine – four trihalomethanes and five haloacetic acids. These nine chemicals represent less than 2% of the more than 600 unwanted chemicals created by the interaction of water treatment disinfectants and pollutants in our water source. So having the belief that the EPA is protecting us, is nothing but false hope. This is planned.

I must give the paper some credit, as the article went on to say “but the contamination from total TTHs is nothing a pitcher filter and a little air time can’t cure.” It makes it sound like no big deal – which of course is meant not to have people panic, which is understandable.

But I will continue to “shout it from the rooftops” everyone must have a water filtration system! The incidence of urinary tract infections in men and woman is affecting just about everyone. Open your eyes.

Issue #8 is my discussion of the different types of water filtration available. I use a 4 stage pitcher filtration system because I live in a condo. In my homes I always had a whole house filtration system. Numerous studies have shown that showering, bathing, washing your hands and cooking with unfiltered water contributes more to the total exposure of these contaminates than drinking water. Part of this can be solved by attaching a shower filter head.

If you are new to Lu’s Views or want to go back and reread some of the newsletters, you can go to my Blog and see all my back issues. My Blog is: www.ahealthyyousite.wordpress.com.

As I have stated “I do the research…so you can choose wisely.”


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