Issue #18

Issue #18

It Is Up to You to Make Good Choices

            With the Senate basically taking away one of the most important legislation for making good choices in what we are eating, we are indeed more responsible in choosing wisely.

We were coming a long way getting the important labeling of GMO foods, with some of the large corporations coming aboard beginning to label such foods, but because of the lobbyist from such chemical corporations as Monsanto & Dupont and the greed of our senators in taking money and favors from these special interest groups, we now have to be diligent in choosing wisely.

Why is the US government so keen to protect the interests of those chemical companies like Monsanto? This is not the first time BIG INTERESTS has influenced the US government. Just a few instances:

1980 – Drug companies lobbied and won to make certain words legal only for them to use in any kind of treatment. Only medical doctors can use the words “diagnose,” “prescribe,” and “cure.” Alternative care physicians and nutrition and vitamin companies are not allowed to use these words. Only medical doctors can claim to “cure.”

1982 – Congress passed a law stating drug companies were immune from prosecution and held harmless from any results of children’s death or disabilities from childhood vaccines.

1992 – Monsanto went to the White House and behind closed doors, made sure that there were no government tests on the health and safety of GMO products before they were released to the public. This was called the doctrine of “substantial equivalence.”

Well enough “whys.” The “how” is what is important now. How do you protect your families from the devastating effects of the increasing widespread use of chemicals, herbicides and pesticides? How do we choose wisely? The simplest way is to only buy USDA 100% organic, do not use processed or canned foods, also still look for Non-GMO Verified labels. And most importantly, buy a good water treatment system (I have found a really good one at a good price) and of course, educate yourself.

I am fortunate, because I have a co-op food store here where I live. Also, the grocery store I shop at, Publix, has been increasingly carrying organic vegetables, grass fed meats and poultry. And don’t neglect your eggs, they need to be organic from free range chickens.  As far a fish is concerned, Publix is doing their best to have fresh, wild caught fish available.

Also we have organic farms and grass fed and grass finished meats available from local farmers. You can go online and find some of these places close to you.

There are good resources on line for more information on choosing wisely. One source is Dr. Mercola. Check out Than type in The GMO Food Guide.

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Issue #17

Issue #17

July 18, 2016

We Have Been Betrayed

            As we watch the world go into a spin with fear from terrorism, there is another insidious form of alarm right here in our midst.

If you read my Lu’s Views last week and my alert about the passing of the DARK Act 2 by the Senate (you will have to read July 11th Issue #16, to understand), I am so very saddened. It seems the freedoms we have known in the past are slowly eroding. Even the Food & Drug Administration recognizes the Monsanto DARK Act 2 as a total sham.

We were finally getting somewhere with the labeling of GMO foods, many national food companies had already started providing simple and clear on-package GMO labeling. The food companies were recognizing that with 85% of the American people wanting clear labeling, they were looking at their bottom line. We the people, were affecting these big companies by having our voices heard through our purchasing power. This is how it should be. We pride ourselves on free enterprise, and this is the optimum of free enterprise.

But now under the new law proposed, food companies could avoid any mention of genetic engineering on their packages. In this bill introduced by Sens. Pat Roberts (R-Kan) and Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich) the law would allow companies to choose between using symbols and electronic codes. Consumers would be directed to “scan here” for more information with a smart phone to find out the information or be provided with a phone number “for more information.”  Also, the law provides no federal penalties for violations of the labeling requirements, which means it really has no teeth.

The other side of all this is that Vermont’s law on labeling which went into effect on July 1st, would be nullified immediately, ignoring the voice of the people!

What also gets me upset, are the untruths that the media continually promotes as fact.

In my newspaper yesterday, it stated “using genetically modified crops, farmers have reduced pesticide use by 37% over the last 20 years.” This was reported by the International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-Biotech Applications. Take a guess who funds this organization. Just to name a few, Monsanto, Rockefeller Bros. Fund and Bayer. Whose interest do you think they serve?

This report is actually contrary to what is happening. It is reported that between 1996-2011, Roundup ready GMO crops increased herbicide use in the US by 527 million pounds. This increase in use of the herbicides are actually producing “super weeds” that are becoming immune to these chemicals, thereby having to increase the use.  See Issue #14.

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Issue #16

GMO – Why the Need to Know

            I hope you are not getting tired of my focusing on GMO right now. But this info is important. It is not an every day conversation, but I provide this information, just so you can have the knowledge to make good decisions about what you and your family are exposing your bodies to. Remember “I do the research, so you can choose wisely.” I will be going onto other pertinent subjects as well.  But Florida and other states, will be asked to vote whether GMO labeling should be on foods that are GMO.

The DARK Act. I talked about this before, but this is a reminder of what this bill is about. Deny Americans the Right to Know Act. This bill tries to block the individual states from enacting their own GMO labeling laws. It has sort to keep consumers in the dark by allowing biotech companies, i.e., Monsanto, to continue masking their herbicides, pesticides and use of genetically modified organisms, in the food supply.

            Vermont voters courageously voted to pass a law (which came into effect July 1st) to disclose GMO foods. California’s same bill was defeated last year due to MILLIONS of dollars spent by Monsanto and DuPont to defeat it, even though 85% of the people were for the bill. You Floridians will be asked to vote on this very issue in the near future. Other states will follow.

But, there is now a bill DARK 02, which seeks to stop states that vote to stop the DARK Act. It is now in the Senate. Why stop something the people over whelming want? The deep, deep pockets of Monsanto and the other biotech companies will most certainly affect their bottom line.

I am going to insert here an article from Natural News – , which will explain it more fully.

Why do Big Food and Big Biotech keep fighting against Americans’ desire to know what they are putting in their bodies? If these genetically engineered ingredients and manipulations of nature are as safe as advertised, then why not be transparent about it all? 

Let people make informed choices. 64 other nations around the world require some form of GMO labeling, including places like Russia and China.

If people don’t know what’s going into their bodies, how will the free market ever progress? When bills like the DARK Act are drafted, it becomes apparent that the federal government is owned by corporate demands. How will people ever be able to make a clear vote with their dollars if they don’t know what the hell they are buying in the first place? 

Food companies use the excuse that it would cost too much to disclose GMO ingredients on the label, but that is such a sad excuse, because these corporations already waste millions of dollars lobbying the federal government to block GMO labeling!

Over the first two quarters of 2015, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Kellogg’s, Kraft, General Mills and Land O’Lakes disclosed $12.6 million on lobbying expenses for legislation that would stop state and federal GMO labeling. In the first half of 2015, trade associations, Big Food and Big Biotech all teamed up to spend $51.6 million to fight GMO labeling. 

It’s important to know which products contain genetically modified ingredients so that consumers can avoid food that has been sprayed with glyphosate. Herbicides such as glyphosate, which destroy the microbiome and initiate disease processes in the body, should be avoided whenever possible. Glyphosate is now recognized as carcinogenic.

If enough states get on board with GMO labeling laws, it would become inevitable that Big Food and Big Biotech lose their stranglehold on the American people. Instead of using millions of dollars to lobby for secrecy, they would have to use the money to create new labels that tell the public exactly what is in their products. As transparency comes, the people can then vote with their dollars whether they want to remain suppressed by agro-chemicals, or want to support more organic agriculture practices. 

I think this says it all.

Just a note, Dementia/Alzheimer’s is being diagnosed in younger adults by alarming numbers. Up to 100,000 people in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s my have it. It used to be called a disease of the aging, not anymore. Why do you think there is such an alarming increase, not only in Dementia/Alzheimer’s, but in other diseases? If you have had any exposure to Dementia/Alzheimer’s you know what a horrible, wasteful disease this it. Use your thinking cape. Is it because we are being exposed to so many toxic chemicals?

There is a solution – hang in there.

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            Just as I was about to send my Monday’s (today) Lu’s Views out, I received this notice that 63 US Senators robbed you of your right to know! The DARK 02 was passed.

The bill late Thursday night is intended to hide information (behind electronic codes) from consumers, not provide it—in plain English, on a label.

The bill passed is intended to exempt the vast majority of GMOs from even having to be hidden behind codes, much less labeled in plain sight.

The bill passed is voluntary—it contains no enforcement mechanism, no penalties for non-compliance. So, in other words, it has basically prevented us ever knowing what is actually in the food we are eating.

The bill passed is an attack on democracy, an attack on states’ rights. It not only overturns Vermont’s carefully considered and fairly debated mandatory GMO labeling law, but this bill overturns nearly 100 other state laws.

The bill passed late Thursday night is a fraud, an affront to the nine out of 10 Americans who want what citizens in 64 countries already have—the basic right to know what’s in our food.

            I will keep you updated on this as I learn more.



Issue #15

What Are The Risks of GMO

            Before I start my newsletter, I want to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July. Below is a link to a short video by John Wayne. It is great to live in the United States of America. Let’s keep it great!


In the next couple of weeks, I will be talking about the following risks of GMO’s and how it affects not only us, but everything around us.

  1. The Risk to Human Health.
  2. The Risk to the Environment
  3. The Risk to Farmers
  4. The Risk to Our Ability to Export Our Produce
  5. The Risk to Organic Farmers
  6. The Risk of Us Losing Our Right to Know


  1. The Risk to Human Health. As I have written before, more and more studies point to

the fact there is a great deal of concern about the health effects of consuming genetically modified food. Today, as far as I can find information, and it is changing fast, 94% of soybeans, cotton and cotton seed oil; 92% of field corn and sweet corn; 99% of sugar beets are genetically engineered to be “Round-up Ready,” or able to withstand Monsanto’s Roundup. This is just the tip of the ice burg. Alfalfa has just been approved for seed injection. I will discuss and expose more of the GMO foods in issues to come.

Sixty to seventy percent of the foods in US supermarkets are now genetically modified. By contrast, in at least 26 other countries—including Switzerland, Australia, Austria, China, India, France, Germany, Hungary, Luxembourg, Greece, Bulgaria, Poland, Italy, Mexico and Russia—GMOs are totally or partially banned; and significant restrictions on GMOs exist in about sixty other countries.

There are many studies in other countries that have been testing to see the effects of genetically engineered foods. A study in Paraguay found that women exposed to Roundup during pregnancy were more likely to give birth to babies with brain abnormalities. A study in Sweden linked Roundup exposure to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma; there is evidence that the new substances engineered into some GMO foods can mimic potent, potentially life-threatening allergens.

The EPA has warned that the ingestion of pesticides can cause health problems such as birth defects, nerve damage, cancer. In Issue #14 I discussed the health problems scientists have attributed exposure to GMO foods are. Infants and children may be especially sensitive to health risks posed by pesticides. I highly recommend my new book “Brain Power.” It goes into a lot more detail about the risk to our children. A must read if you are at all concerned about the future generation, our kids and our grandchildren. You can order it or email me.


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Happy 4th of July. We had some magnificent fireworks here in Cocoa Beach last night. We went out on a pontoon boat and watched from the water.