Issue #18

Issue #18

It Is Up to You to Make Good Choices

            With the Senate basically taking away one of the most important legislation for making good choices in what we are eating, we are indeed more responsible in choosing wisely.

We were coming a long way getting the important labeling of GMO foods, with some of the large corporations coming aboard beginning to label such foods, but because of the lobbyist from such chemical corporations as Monsanto & Dupont and the greed of our senators in taking money and favors from these special interest groups, we now have to be diligent in choosing wisely.

Why is the US government so keen to protect the interests of those chemical companies like Monsanto? This is not the first time BIG INTERESTS has influenced the US government. Just a few instances:

1980 – Drug companies lobbied and won to make certain words legal only for them to use in any kind of treatment. Only medical doctors can use the words “diagnose,” “prescribe,” and “cure.” Alternative care physicians and nutrition and vitamin companies are not allowed to use these words. Only medical doctors can claim to “cure.”

1982 – Congress passed a law stating drug companies were immune from prosecution and held harmless from any results of children’s death or disabilities from childhood vaccines.

1992 – Monsanto went to the White House and behind closed doors, made sure that there were no government tests on the health and safety of GMO products before they were released to the public. This was called the doctrine of “substantial equivalence.”

Well enough “whys.” The “how” is what is important now. How do you protect your families from the devastating effects of the increasing widespread use of chemicals, herbicides and pesticides? How do we choose wisely? The simplest way is to only buy USDA 100% organic, do not use processed or canned foods, also still look for Non-GMO Verified labels. And most importantly, buy a good water treatment system (I have found a really good one at a good price) and of course, educate yourself.

I am fortunate, because I have a co-op food store here where I live. Also, the grocery store I shop at, Publix, has been increasingly carrying organic vegetables, grass fed meats and poultry. And don’t neglect your eggs, they need to be organic from free range chickens.  As far a fish is concerned, Publix is doing their best to have fresh, wild caught fish available.

Also we have organic farms and grass fed and grass finished meats available from local farmers. You can go online and find some of these places close to you.

There are good resources on line for more information on choosing wisely. One source is Dr. Mercola. Check out Than type in The GMO Food Guide.

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