Issue # 27


October 3, 2016


We Lose Again!


Two weeks ago in Issue # 25, I wrote about the Zika virus and the fact many say that the mosquito reported to being responsible for spreading the Zika virus may not be the culprit in spreading this disease that causes abnormalities in unborn babies. But yet, without this proof our government is forging ahead with the idea of massive pesticide spraying they say will eliminate this threat.

Well, here in Florida, and particularly here in Brevard County where I live, the Senate reached a deal to spend billions of dollars to spray yet another pesticide that may have even more long term harmful effects on us! Not only to spend this money on something we are not even certain of, but also announced a deal that would give the Obama administration an additional $1.1 billion to pay for vaccine development. Now who do you think will profit from this deal? Yes, the pharmaceutical companies and Monsanto and other chemical companies that will be supplying this stuff.

Health officials claim the the chemical to be sprayed, an organophosphate neurotoxin called Naled, is “safe” to breathe and no one really needs to take any special measures while they are being sprayed like bugs (although it has been “recommended” that people with allergies stay inside).

Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides factsheet on Naled, studies have shown that exposure of pregnant animals to for just three days during brain development resulted in 15% smaller brains in their babies, and an increase in aggressiveness and memory deterioration. Naled also happens to be 20 times more toxic when exposure occurs due to inhalation of Naled-contaminated air versus ingestion. Symptoms can range from fatigue, headaches and nausea to diarrhea.

Naled has also caused pancreatic cancer and leukemia in lab tests. Naled has been found to be especially damaging to the nervous system. Naled’s inert ingredients include Napthaline, classified by the EPA as a “possible human carcinogen,” and 1,2,4-trimethylbenzene, a nervous system depressant. In addition, it breaks down into dichlorvos, and two independent studies have shown an increase in pediatric brain cancers when children are exposed to dichlorvos versus when they are not.

Does anyone remember the book “Silent Spring” by Rachael Carson? “Silent Spring” published in 1962, presents a view of nature compromised by synthetic pesticides, especially DDT. Once these pesticides entered the biosphere, Carson argued, they not only killed bugs but also made their way up the food chain to threaten bird and fish populations and could eventually sicken children. Much of the data and case studies that Carson drew from weren’t new; the scientific community had known of these findings for some time, but Carson was the first to put them all together for the general public and to draw stark and far-reaching conclusions. In doing so, Carson, the citizen-scientist, spawned a revolution.

Well fast forward 44 years later, and what do we have, a scenario very much like Carson described!

I like to give solutions to the problems I talk about, but all I can say about all the exposure of deadly pesticides, is to deal with what you have control over, i.e., drink good filtered water, eat organic vegetables, keep your immune system healthy, eliminate toxins where you can, especially from your home.

If you have not read my books, “7 Steps to Nutritional Balance,” and “Brain Power,” it would be wise for you to do so. It is up to you to keep yourself and your family as healthy as you can.

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God Bless you all and continue on to be coming a “more healthy you!”





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