Issue # 28

Issue #28

October 24, 2016


Vote No!


I have no intention of becoming political, except for Amendment 1 that is on our ballot here in Brevard County and probably throughout Florida.

It is referred to as “solar energy” amendment. I usually do not agree with our local Florida Today newspaper, but on this item I am happy to see they are informing the public of the misleading (lies) information that is being perpetrated by our local utility company.

Most Floridians support solar power, yet not many of us have it because of the initial expense in purchasing it. I had a solar system on our home back 15 years ago. I loved it and it worked great, especially when all four of my kids were home and spending hours in the shower. I am sure it saved me a lot of money.

Back in August Amendment 4 on that ballot allowed businesses the same tax advantage as individuals using solar power. It passed with 73% of the vote and it was truly pro-solar.

Of course Florida’s largest investor-owned utilities understand the popularity of solar and worry that it poses a threat to their bottom line.

So they decided rather than fight this threat, they were going to try a different tactic by seeming to embrace the public’s support of solar energy and energy independence.

The utilities formed a political committee – Consumers for Smart Solar – and put their money into an effort to amend the Florida Constitution to regulate their solar energy competition under the guise of granting Floridians the right to put solar power on their homes.

To get to the bottom line, this amendment would only benefit the utility companies and would actually shut down the free market aspect of our economy. It would also add to the cost and regulation and seeks to keep competition down and solar prices up.

Do not be fooled by their massive misinformation campaign – VOTE NO – on Amendment 1 and spread the word.

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