#8 Choosing A Water Filter

Choosing A Water Filter

                        There are so many different water filtration systems on the market how do you choose? I will list the different filters I have researched and give you some ideas.

Water Filtration Types. There are hundreds of brands of home water filtration systems. Some filters use a combination of technologies, while others rely on just one kind.

            Choose the filter that will suit your family and your budget. But be sure to get a filter system that has at least a four stage filtering system. Anything less is not worth the price.

Faucet Mounted. These attach directly to your water faucet. Relatively inexpensive, but does not accomplish what you want in purified water.

Pitcher Dispensers. Pitchers or large dispensers with activated or solid carbon filters. There are many, many different kinds available. Do not go for the cheap single/double system. Brita filters do not remove the toxins you need removed. Again, look at least a four stage filter.

On-Counter. On counter typically sit on the counter, sometimes with a line connecting directly to the faucet.

Under sink. Under sink filters are mounted under the kitchen sink where they are fitted to the water supply line. They range in filtration from carbon charcoal to reverse osmosis.

Whole House Filters. These filters are attached to the main water line coming into the house. This is ideal, as it not only filters your drinking water, but the water you use to shower in. Our skin absorbs more toxins than any other organ. It also provides you filtered water to brush your teeth and cook with. These are very expensive, but well worth having.

            You need to do the research and decide which type you want and how much you are willing to pay. This is an expense that will pay off in the end.

Watch out for words like “filter”, “reduce”, and “taste better”, they are vague and really do not mean anything. You need a filtering system that is classified as a “water purification” system. You need a system that states it removes chlorine, fluoride, lead, mercury, etc.

As for my personal opinion. At this time, I use a four stage pitcher filter. We live in a condo and it is only my husband and I. So at this stage in our lives, this is a good choice.

When we had a big house with all my children living at home, I did have a whole house filtering system. I loved it and thought it was well worth the expense.

There are a couple filters I do not recommend, but everyone has their own opinion. Reverse osmosis removes the contaminates, but in doing so they use a tremendous amount of water, which I think is counterproductive in the wasted water.

Distillation of your water. I do not recommend this water. You may get purified water, but also devoid of all the natural minerals your body needs. Let me remind you, you do need to add some sort of additional minerals to your water, so that you are hydrating your body, not just watering it down with dead water.

Alkaline/Acid systems. I am very much in favor of keeping an alkaline/acid environment in your body. This is one of my favorite subjects. But drinking this kind of water, especially

With a meal with disrupt your digestion because we need the acid in our stomachs to properly digest our food.

Also, the cheaper systems have smaller filters and they have to be changed very frequently which drives the cost up.

My closing remarks are that you have to have some find of water purification system. There is no question about it. Let me ask you, how much is the health of you and your family really worth?

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#5 Flint, Michigan Is This the Tip of the Iceberg?

It has been several weeks ago when Flint, Michigan was in the headlines.  The story was the water that was being piped into the homes in Flint contained unbelievable amounts of lead. Three officials have been charged with a mix of felonies and misconduct and may serve up to 5 years in prison.  The Flint water crises is a huge drinking water contamination issue.

In investigative reporting over the last several weeks, high amounts of lead has been found in many, many municipal water systems. The majority of the time it has been found to come from the old lead pipes leading into homes. In 2004 there was a crisis of lead in the Washington, DC water supply.  So this is certainly not new.

Heavy metal in our drinking water is only one of the contaminates we are exposed to – there are hundreds.  I will only discuss a couple here.  I encourage you to do your own research on this issue.

Chlorine – the chemical people are most familiar with. The addition of chlorine in drinking water has been the standard in water treatment in the U. S. since 1904.  Chlorine has done a good job in killing off most microorganisms in the water.  The bad news is that the treatment does not absolutely ensure that by the time our drinking water comes out of our home faucet it is free of unhealthy microorganisms.

According to the U.S. Council of Environmental Quality, “The cancer risk to people who drink chlorinated water is 93% higher than those don’t.”  Also, according to the EPA we are ingesting 300 to 600 times what the EPA considers safe. The major problem with chlorine is when it reacts with other contaminates in our water, forming chemicals known as DBP’s.  The EPA and the U. S. Department of Health & Human Services lists chlorine as a probable human carcinogen.

The Journal of the National Cancer Institute has stated that long term drinking of chlorinated water increases the risk of bladder cancer by 80% and chlorinated water has been officially linked to an increased incidence of colon cancer and breast cancer.

So if chlorine is so toxic, you ask, why haven’t government authorities done anything about it.  Again, we can go back to money and influence.  The EPA tried to have chlorine removed, but lost in court to the powerful Chemical Manufacturers Association.  So chlorine remains in our water supply.

Is there a better way?  A handful of cities such as Las Vegas and Santa Clara, Calif. have begun treating their water through a process called ozonation.  It is more expensive, but the side effects are minimal. Ozonation has been widely used in water treatment systems in Europe and Asia since the 1800’s.

If you have read this far and are feeling that this is too negative, hang on, I will provide solutions for you.

Fluoride. Scientific evidence shows fluoride is not safe to ingest.  It is a toxic waste

Product from the production of aluminum.  Studies stating fluoride benefited teeth were paid for by the very industry that needed to get rid of this toxic waste product. ALCOA Aluminum was the main company and Rockefeller being one of the principle owners.  Thousands of tons of industrial waste are poured into our drinking water each year.

Fluoride has been banned in 97% of Western Europe.  Research from the UK’s University of Kent has concluded that fluoridation of municipal water supplies may be more harmful than helpful. Tests have shown that the reduction of dental cavities from fluoride is primarily due to it’s topical application instead of ingestion.  It was never meant to be consumed.  Published in the Scientific World Journal, the review which covered 92 studies and scientific papers, concluded that early research showing a reduction of children’s tooth decay from municipal water fluoridation was flawed and did not adequately measure the potential harm from higher fluoride consumption and that overconsumption is associated with cognitive impairment, thyroid issues, higher fracture risk, dental fluorosis (mottling of enamel) and enzyme disruption.

The researchers also found clear evidence for increased risk of uterine and bladder cancers in areas where municipal water was fluoridated.  It is highly toxic to us and much more to our children. In addition, a recent study published in Environmental Health Perspectives, has linked fluoride consumption with decreased IQ in children.  This is only one of many studies linking fluoride with diminished IQ in children.

Fluoridated tap water and toothpaste are considered the main sources of fluoride exposure, but if you are eating conventionally grown fruits and vegetables you are exposing yourself and your families to over 180 times more fluoride than what you are getting in your water. Cyolite, a pesticide, is composed of sodium aluminum fluoride and is used widely as a pesticide on non-organic fruits and vegetables.  Also, if you think because you do not swallow your toothpaste it is not harmful, you are wrong.  Did you know that the receptors in your mouth carry anything we put into our mouth to the cells in our body within 20 seconds?

I will explain how to avoid fluoride in our drinking water later in Lu’s Views, but please stop buying fluoridated toothpaste, especially for your children.  I personally use baking soda and coconut oil and make my own toothpaste.  Plus there are plenty of non-fluoridated toothpastes in our local health food stores.

Good oral health and strong healthy teeth are not the result of drinking fluoridated water or brushing your teeth with fluoridated toothpaste, but rather it is about a healthy diet.

The Environmental Working Group analysis of 20 million gallons of tap water quality tests found a total of 316 contaminants, including industrial solvents, pesticides, prescription drugs, etc. in water supplied to the public.

The reason for writing this article is to make you aware of the serious problem at hand.  I will give you choices so that you can safe guard your families.  You do have a choice.  You do not have to expose yourself and your families to these contaminates.

Next week I will talk about bottled water.  This is not the answer.  Hang in there Baby

#2 Alkaline/Acid Explained

I have embedded a short video (thanks to Mail Chimp) that explains what is the best manner of eating a balance of alkaline/acid foods.  It should not be complicated.  As I always stress, moderation is the key.  There are many other alkaline/acid charts you can download from the internet, but I believe this short video will make it easier to incorporate a balance in your eating.


At the end of the video is an advertisement to buy their products.  I could not delete that part, but I thought the video was worth sending.  I DO NOT ENDORSE any of the products advertised.


For a more complete explanation of Alkaline/Acid balance, I cover it more thoroughly in my book.


Next week I will be addressing our most important nutrient. Do you know what that is?  Tune in for next week’s addition of “Lu’s Views.”


#1 Keeping An Alkaline/Acid Balance In Your Body

This is not subject you will read about every day, but it is one of the most important pieces of information I can pass on to you.  Why is it important? What difference does it make? How does it affect our health?

Acid reflux & indigestion has become of epidemic proportions in this country.  The pharmaceutical companies have made this into a major disease.  This is not a disease, this is a symptom in 99% of the cases. Right now antacid drugs are the 3rd highest prescribed in this country.  In 2010 doctors wrote over 115 million prescriptions for the drugs and this is not counting the over the counter medications like Tums, Rolaids and Maalox. Unfortunately, these drugs and medications actually make this condition worst by decreasing the acid in your stomach, where it is needed to break down your food.  This is counter productive to the acid reflux you may be experiencing.

A recent study conducted at Sanford University concluded hat the use of these drugs and medications may increase your risk of heart attacks by 15 to 20%.

In addition to many other issues relating to an alkaline/acid imbalance is the BIG “C”, cancer.  Yes, cancer cells live & thrive in an acid environment and are fed by the very same food that is the main cause of acid reflux, sugar.

I go into a lot more detail on the importance of keeping an alkaline/acid balance and how to attain a balance and how to achieve it in a more natural way in my book.

Next week I will give you ideas as to what foods produce an alkaline environment and an acid environment in your body.

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